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The depth of the firm's experience in trial, appellate and business transactional matters is unique among Mississippi law firms.  In particular, we have a long record of achieving results for our clients in personal injury, criminal defense, insurance, government, wills and estates, and business partnership dispute matters. Reflective of our experience and results, the firm has earned the highest ratings from members of the Bar and the Judiciary. 

Beyond Litigation

Devotion to the highest standards of achievement, both professional and personal, is further reflected in our roles as teachers and active members of selective professional organizations.  Firm members teach trial skills at the University of Mississippi School of Law, write scholarly articles and practice manuals for the legal community on national, regional and state levels. We also give presentations to legal and client groups at continuing legal education seminars and conferences. We are active members of our local communities and serve in positions of leadership.


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At Clayton O'Donnell PLLC, we are experienced in Business Litigation, Business & Commercial Law, Personal Injury, Insurance, Intellectual Property Litigation, and Constitutional Law, Civil Rights & Employment Law.

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